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Start Date: Founded in 2008
Address: Boston, Massachusetts

About us: 
Boston International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that brings cutting-edge thinking on real estate to Boston’s rising stars. We provide an engaging, informal atmosphere for young professionals and graduate students to interact with and learn from today’s influential thinkers and world leaders.

We plan regular events which address topics in world politics, economics, business, science, and cultural life. Our events are informal and our members engage actively. This means meeting each other and our speakers; this means talking, not just listening. We hold events at times and places that are convenient for people who work a full day.

Our world is changing. Young people today face opportunities and challenges on a global scale. Boston is a hub for cutting-edge ideas, a destination for the world’s thought leaders, and our home. Until now, young people in Boston have been pushed to the margins of the conversation. That’s what we’re here to change. Boston International will help local young professionals become leaders who can understand and address the issues facing our world.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us